Pinot Noir

The Pinot Noir, also known as Pinot Noir in the French regions, represents one of the most appreciated and cultivated grape varieties in the wine scene world. This noble vine has found lands of choice in two geographical areas particularly renowned for the production of high quality wines: Alto Adige in Italy and Burgundy in France. In these regions, thanks to the ideal climatic conditions and the passion of the winemakers, Pinot Noir expresses unique characteristics that are reflected in wines of exceptional elegance and complexity.

Our category dedicated to Pinot Noir wine offers a curated selection of the best bottles, each of which represents not only the quintessence of the grape from which it originates but also the result of meticulous work in vineyard and cellar. Pinot Noir stands out for its refined aromatic profile, with notes that range from ripe red fruits to floral and spicy nuances, up to earthy accents in the more advanced wines.

The pairings of Pinot Noir are varied and fascinating: this wine goes perfectly with delicate red meats, mushroom-based dishes, cheeses > not too seasoned and refined fish preparations. Its versatility makes it an ideal companion for exploring innovative gastronomic combinations, elevating every culinary experience.

Explore our selection to discover prestigious labels of Pinot Noir wine that contain all the passion and winemaking art of its lands of origin.

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  1. -20%
    Pomino Pinot Noir Doc 2021 Frescobaldi
  2. -10%
    Mazon Alto Adige Pinot Nero 2019 Tenuta Kollerhof
  3. Pinot Noir Della Sala Umbria IGT 2021 Winery Marchesi Antinori
  4. Valmoissine Pinot Noir IGP 2021 Louis Latour
  5. Pinot Noir Trentino DOC 2022 St. Michael Eppan
  6. -12%
    Slopes of Baldo Pinot Noir Trentino DOP 2020 Cantina Mori Colli Zugna

6 Items

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