Lucanian wines

A small region but rich in history and which offers a respectable panorama of viticulture with its over 5,000 hectares of land planted with vines. The Lucan wines are the fruit of a millenary tradition inaugurated by the Lucanians and the Greeks and which today sees a vine above all as the protagonist : Aglianico from which the DOCG of the region derives, to which are added the primitivo, trebbiano, greco, montepulciano, moscato and Lucan.

The wines of Basilicata are born in an area nestled between the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea and at the same time with a mountainous or hilly hinterland. A very varied territory that allows for a very interesting production of wines. In the province of Potenza there are tuffaceous, porous and very rich soils which allow the production of red wines from Basilicata with an intense and well structured. Towards the hills of Matera or towards the sea, the cold Apennine climate gives way to a Mediterranean one which allows the production of white wines high quality and with excellent fragrances.

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  1. -13%
    Lenos Primitivo I.G.T. Basilicata 2019 Cantine Vitis In Vulture
  2. -13%
    Labellum Aglianico Del Vulture DOC 2019 Cantine Vitis In Vulture
  3. -17%
    L'Atto Basilicata IGT 2021 Cantine del Notaio
  4. La Firma Aglianico Del Vulture DOC 2016 Cantine del Notaio
  5. Il Repertorio Aglianico Del Vulture DOC 2020 Cantine del Notaio
  6. Foragine Basilicata IGT 2019 Cantine Vitis In Vulture

6 Items

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