Cantine Francesca Fiasco

The Francesca Fiasco winery was born in 2015 in the municipality of Felitto, in the Cilento hinterland in the heart of Campania, where the young producer Fiasco with the support of the oenologist and winemaker Emiliano Falsini, have managed to create a small but large wine reality, in the area where different types of vineyards are grown such as: Aglianicone, Aglianico, Sangiovese, Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon, Fiano, Falanghina and Coda di Fox and other varieties to a lesser extent.

Today, the winery produces 4 different blends of red and white wines: Difesa, Ersa, Mercorì, Lapazio.

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  1. Lapazio IGT Paetum Bianco 2021 Francesca Fiasco Set 6 bouteilles
  2. Difesa IGT Paestum Rosso 2017 Frascesca Fiasco Set 6 bouteilles
  3. -12%
    Ersa IGT Paetum Rosso 2017 Francesca Fiasco Set 6 bouteilles
  4. -5%
    Mèrcori IGT Paestum Rosso 2016 Francesca Fiasco Set 6 bouteilles
  5. Paestum IGP Rosso Difesa 2017 Francesca Fiasco
  6. Paestum IGP Rosso Lapazia 2021 Francesca Fiasco
  7. -6%
    Paestum IGP Rosso Ersa 2017 Francesca Fiasco
  8. -4%
    Paestum IGP Rosso Mèrcori 2016 Francesca Fiasco

8 Items

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