Made in Italy, all Marcato products guarantee efficiency, durability and performance at a high level. Starting from the Marcato biscuit machine , simple to use and including 20 molds and a recipe book. Or from the accessories to prepare spaghetti, fettuccine, trenette and pappardelle or, again, from those to make filled pasta. But the choice does not end here, we also have ravioli tablets, pasta cutter, stretched dough and many other useful and practical items.

Find out more on the models of fresh pasta machine for domestic use.

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  1. -21%
    Marcato Atlas Vermicelli Pasta Accessory
  2. -21%
    Marcato Pasta Wheel Green Pasta cutting wheel
  3. -21%
    Marcato Ravioli Tablet Black Mould for Stuffed Pasta
  4. -21%
    Marcato Biscuits Silver Biscuits Machine
  5. -21%
    Marcato Biscuits Green Biscuits Machine
  6. -21%
    Marcato Biscuits Pink Biscuits Machine
  7. -21%
    Marcato Atlas Trenette Pasta Accessory
  8. -21%
    Marcato Atlas Spaghetti Pasta Accessory
  9. NEW-21%
    Marcato Atlas 150 Wellness Red Pasta Machine
  10. -21%
    Marcato Pasta Wheel Red Pasta cutting wheel
  11. -21%
    Marcato Pasta Wheel Black Pasta cutting wheel
  12. -21%
    Marcato Pasta Wheel Silver Pasta cutting wheel
  13. NEW-21%
    Marcato Atlas 180 Classic Pasta Machine
  14. NEW-21%
    Marcato Atlas 150 Wellness Blue Pasta Machine
  15. NEW-21%
    Marcato Atlas 150 Wellness Green Pasta Machine
  16. -21%
    Marcato Ravioli Tablet Red Mould for Stuffed Pasta
  17. -21%
    Marcato Ravioli Tablet Blue Mould for Stuffed Pasta
  18. -21%
    Marcato Pasta Wheel Blue Pasta cutting wheel
  19. -21%
    Marcato Atlas Reginette Pasta Accessory
  20. -21%
    Marcato Pasta Bike Blue Pasta multi cutter
  21. -21%
    Marcato Atlas Spaghetti Chitarra Pasta Accessory
  22. -21%
    Marcato Pasta Bike Red Pasta multi cutter
  23. -21%
    Marcato Pasta Bike Black Pasta multi cutter
  24. -21%
    Marcato Atlas Bigoli Pasta Accessory
  25. NEW-21%
    Marcato Biscuits Red Biscuits Machine
  26. -21%
    Marcato Atlas Capellini Pasta Accessory
  27. -21%
    Marcato Biscuits Blue Biscuits Machine
  28. -21%
    Marcato Atlas Lasagnette Pasta Accessory
  29. -21%
    Marcato Biscuits Black Biscuits Machine
  30. -21%
    Marcato Atlas Linguine Pasta Accessory
  31. -21%
    Marcato Ravioli Tablet Pink Mould for Stuffed Pasta
  32. -21%
    Marcato Atlas Mafaldine Pasta Accessory
  33. -21%
    Marcato Ravioli Tablet Green Mould for Stuffed Pasta
  34. -21%
    Marcato Atlas Pappardelle Pasta Accessory
  35. -21%
    Marcato Ravioli Tablet Silver Mould for Stuffed Pasta
  36. NEW-21%
    Marcato Atlas 150 Wellness Black Pasta Machine

Items 1-36 of 47

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