Samura - Quality Japanese Knives

At the heart of excellence in knife making, Samura masterfully combines traditional Japanese art with European innovation.

Born in 2003, Samura has established itself as a point of reference in the world of high quality knives. Each Samura knife resonates with the echo of Japanese master craftsmen.

The peculiarity of a sharpening at 17 degrees, superior to traditional Japanese knives, guarantees a precise and long-lasting cut, making each Samura knife a faithful companion in the kitchen.

Each production line (over 26) is a tribute to the versatility of Japanese knives: high-quality materials such as Micarta, G10 or Kraton become handles robust, ready to satisfy every need.

Choosing Samura on means embracing the authentic craftsmanship of Japanese knives combined with performance and durability. The excellence, quality and tradition of Japanese knives are just a click away.

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  1. -20%
    Samura Damascus Grand Chef Knife 24 Cm In Damascus Steel
  2. -21%
    Samura Super 5 Santoku Knife 18.2 Cm Stainless Steel
  3. -20%
    Samura Super 5 Nakiri Knife 17.1 Cm Stainless Steel
  4. -21%
    Samura Super 5 Multipurpose Knife 16.2 cm in Stainless Steel
  5. -20%
    Samura Okinawa Yanagiba Knife 27 Cm Stainless Steel
  6. -20%
    Samura Okinawa Yanagiba Knife 24 Cm Stainless Steel
  7. -20%
    Samura Okinawa Santoku Knife 17.5 Cm Stainless Steel
  8. -20%
    Samura Okinawa Nakiri Knife 17.2 Cm Stainless Steel
  9. -20%
    Samura Okinawa Gyuto Knife 17 Cm Stainless Steel
  10. -20%
    Samura Okinawa Deba Knife 17 Cm Stainless Steel
  11. -20%
    Samura Damascus Filleting Knife 23 Cm In Damascus Steel
  12. -21%
    Samura Damascus Santoku Knife 18 Cm In Damascus Steel
  13. -20%
    Samura Damascus Santoku Knife 15 Cm In Damascus Steel
  14. -21%
    Samura Damascus Nakiri Knife 16.7 Cm In Damascus Steel
  15. -20%
    Samura Damascus Steak Knife 12 Cm Damascus Steel

15 Items

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