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Marcato Atlas Trenette Pasta Accessory

Product code: AC-150-TRE
Ean: 8000011000114
19.9 €19.90
Typical Ligurian egg-pasta, perfect with Genovese pesto sauce, but also with orange marinated radicchio, with clams, à la "sanremese" with anchovies, oil and chillies, with nuts, with sausage, with cheese and pepper.
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Caratteristiche Tecniche di: Marcato Atlas Trenette Pasta Accessory

Accessory for the preparation of homemade pasta ATLAS 150 TRENETTE by MARCATO Design. Dimensions mm 180x70x45 h  Weight kg 0,6 - 10 YEARS WARRANTY. Accessory made of chromed steel with polystyrene rollers and hopper in AB. Innovation and research distinguish Marcato products above all in eliminating the release of heavy metals that are particularly harmful to human health. 5 International patents guarantee the total security and prestige of this tool. (Patent 1) The rollers that form it are made of aluminum alloy suitable for food, to ensure the total absence of heavy metals in the pasta dough. (Patent 2) The surface of the rolls is treated with special curing agents to improve the resistance of materials over time. (Patent 3) Roller scrapers are coated with a special polymeric resin. (Patent 4) Roller combs are made of polymeric resin and they are easy to remove and to clean. (Patent 5) Special bayonet fitting for a fast and easy motor juncture.