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Riedel Decanter Cornetto Magnum 185 cl Hand Made

Product code: 1977-26
Ean: 9006206311286
175 €175.00
Decanter in pure blown crystal handmade by expert master glassmakers, elegant and harmonious, inspired by the magical figure of the swan and its high and straight neck.
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Caratteristiche Tecniche di: Riedel Decanter Cornetto Magnum 185 cl Hand Made

CORNETTO MAGNUM Wine Decanter by RIEDEL made of Hand Made Blown Crystal Glass. Height 425. Capacity 1850 cc. Design 2003. Single pack. Decanter in lead-free crystal inspired by the noble figure of the swan, to their proud and austere bearing, to the aesthetic harmony of their high and straight neck. RIEDEL, in Kufstein, exclusively produce handmade glass. Each handmade item is made individually by master glassmakers. The experience of these artisans ensures that the quality of each piece meets the high standards for which the Riedel brand is known. Because of the handwork, small tolerances in size and weight, bubbles or imperfections and slight surface variations are a feature of the product itself.