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Pyrex glass Pirofile and Steamers: put on the table the most authentic cuisine colors.

The kitchen is well-being, color, and above all, taste: how to keep each of these characteristics unaltered? The answer is in Pyrex glass Pirofile and Steamer. Three very different kitchens, in the oven, microwave and steam, sharing the possibility to bring good food to the table. Pyrex glass Pirofile, in fact, allow food to be cooked without burning, both in the oven and in the microwave. The Vaporiere, on the other hand, ensure a high quality cooking, that retains flavors and colors, turning each dish into a 100% concentrate of well-being. Select your Pyrex Pirofile and your Vaporiera: the authentic flavors await you.

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14 Item(s)
14 Item(s)
14 Item(s)
14 Item(s)