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On this page you can find the outlet section dedicated to the catalog Bormioli Rocco. Many offers and discounts to complete your kitchen with one of the most prestigious Italian glassware: jars, carafes, bottles and many accessories at an outlet price thanks to Alberoshop offers.

You can order everything online in a few simple clicks and receive your kitchen accessories directly at home with fast and safe shipping.

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Bormioli Rocco Outlet

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  1. -28%
    Bormioli Rocco Line Water Glass 29 Cl Set 6 Pcs Blue
  2. Bormioli Rocco Aurum Single Piece White Wine Glass 35 Cl
  3. Bormioli Rocco America 20s Small Martini Glass 16,5 cl Single Piece
  4. Bormioli Rocco Malles Beer Mug 31 Cl With Notch 0,25 l Single Piece
  5. Bormioli Rocco Officina 1825 Water Glass 32,5 cl Single Piece
  6. Bormioli Rocco Electra Goblet XL 65 cl Single Piece
  7. Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar Long Drink Glass 37 cl Single Piece
  8. -19%
    Bormioli Rocco Line Water Glass 29 Cl Set 6 Pcs Transparent
  9. Bormioli Rocco Officina 1825 Whiskey Glass Dof 29,5 cl Vintage Single Piece
  10. Bormioli Rocco Luna Glass Dof 34 cl Single Piece
  11. Bormioli Rocco Ypsilon Flute Goblet 16 cl Single Piece
  12. Bormioli Rocco Diamond Cooler Rock Purple Tumbler 47 cl in Purple Colored Glass Single Piece
  13. -60%
    Bormioli Rocco Lyon Wine Glass 16 cl Set 4 Pcs
  14. Bormioli Rocco Riserva Grappa Goblet 8.1 cl cl With MID Weight 20cl CE Single Piece
  15. Bormioli Rocco Galassia Water Glass 30 cl Single Piece
  16. Bormioli Rocco Luna Rocks Glass 26 cl Single Piece
  17. Bormioli Rocco Harmonia Beer Glass 58 cl Single Piece
  18. -28%
    Bormioli Rocco Line Water Glass 29 Cl Set 6 Pcs Pink
  19. Bormioli Rocco Premium N.2 Chianti Glass 38cl Single Piece
  20. Bormioli Rocco Florian Lucent Blue Goblet White Wine & Spriz 38 Cl Single Piece
  21. Bormioli Rocco Fortuna Ice Cream Bowl 30 cl Single Piece
  22. Bormioli Rocco Riserva Single Piece Cognac Glass 53 cl
  23. -12%
    Bormioli Rocco Experience Beer Glass 38.5 cl Set 4 Pcs
  24. Bormioli Rocco Cortina Glass Dof 38 cl Single Piece
  25. Bormioli Rocco Electra Champagne Flute 23 cl Single Piece
  26. Bormioli Rocco Premium N.3 Champagne Glass 26cl Single Piece
  27. Bormioli Rocco Diamante Wine Glass 19 cl Single Piece
  28. Bormioli Rocco Bodega Medium Glass 35.5 cl Single Piece
  29. Bormioli Rocco Capri LaLuna Tumbler 37 cl Colored Glass Single Piece
  30. -28%
    Bormioli Rocco Line Soft Drink Glass 39 Cl Set 6 Pcs Transparent
  31. -45%
    Bormioli Rocco Cortina Water Glass 25,5 cl Set 6 Pcs
  32. -29%
    Bormioli Rocco Kufra Carafe With White Cap 2 Lt.
  33. Bormioli Rocco Diamond Cooler Glass 47 cl Single Piece In Transparent Glass
    Out of stock
  34. Bormioli Rocco Florian Glass Beverage & Long Island Ice Tea 43 cl Single Piece
    Out of stock
  35. Bormioli Rocco Cassiopea Onyx Water Glass 32 Cl Pieces Gray Single Piece
    Out of stock
  36. Bormioli Rocco Calypso Fluttino Goblet 10 cl Single Piece
    Out of stock

Items 1-36 of 381

Set Descending Direction
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