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Pinti Synthesis Titanio Coffee Spoon Set 12 Pcs

Product code: 15C00007
Ean: 8007163167047
63.44 €63.44
Trendy titanium-coloured cutlery set . Clean and essential shapes, minimal look, it combines business with pleasure. Gift box 12 pcs.
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Caratteristiche Tecniche di: Pinti Synthesis Titanio Coffee Spoon Set 12 Pcs

Synthesis Titanio Pinti 1929 12-piece Stainless Steel Coffee Spoon Set by Pintinox 18/10.Compact case. The PVD describes a variety of vaccum deposition methods used to deposit this films by the condensation of vaporized form of the desired film material onto various workpiece surfaces. The result is a higher hardness surface and the possibility to obtain different colors without altering the polished steel. The PVD is used in the dental sector, some instruments used by dentist and this ensures use in the cutlery.