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Pinti Alchimique Vittoriale Gold Dessert spoon Set 12 Pcs

Product code: 0VA20004
Ean: 8007163225914
86.61 €86.61
Experience inimitable, historic collection of 12 dessert spoons in a rétro style in antique gold tones, witness of Italian taste and creativity for beautiful things.
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Caratteristiche Tecniche di: Pinti Alchimique Vittoriale Gold Dessert spoon Set 12 Pcs

Set of 12 spoons Cm 18,8 VITTORIALE ORO STONE WASHED ALCHEMY by PINTINOX. Casali is a cutlery set 3 mm made of stainless steel with a special PVD process. The Stone Washed collection was born out of the desire to exalt your own table in a perfect retro style with sophisticated items and excellent workmanship. The products, carefully selected in the Pintinox and Pinti 1929 ranges, are antiqued with a special process known as Stone Wash, the result is a unique and qualitatively perfect product. Alchimique is a precious PVD finish that gives three exclusive and prestigious shades to the cutlery of the Stone Washed Collection: Gold, jewelery on the table; Bronze, natural metal; Titanium, strength combined with style. PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is a technology used for the deposition of thin metal films on different types of substrates with the possibility of obtaining different types of color without affecting the typical steel gloss or the product's nontoxicity, which can therefore be used with food. The characteristics of PVD treated cutlery are: exceptional surface hardness, high wear and abrasion resistance, color non-alteration due to UV, esistance to acid solvents, alkalis and household products, perspiration, hypoallergenic resistance (conforming to Rulemaking 21/03/1973), irrelevant ecological impact, corrosion resistance, totally compatible with contact with food.