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Peugeot Bistro Antique Salt Mine h 10 Cm Antique Wood

Product code: 42705S10
Ean: 8014808946011
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Salt mill in fine aged beech wood and embellished by time and finely worked by hand. Precise and reliable grinding device. Peugeot quality since 1840.
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Caratteristiche Tecniche di: Peugeot Bistro Antique Salt Mine h 10 Cm Antique Wood

Traditional Manual Salt Mine BISTRO ANTIQUE by PEUGEOT in Antique Beech Wood.

  • Height 10 cm.
  • Salt mill & nbsp; made of stainless steel suitable for coarse sea salt with special protection against salt corrosion.
  • Specific mechanism for the "Guaranteed to Life" coarse salt mill
  • Made in France by Peugeot specialists in 1840 table mills.
  • Single pack.

Reproduction of the first millstone model created by Peugeot back in 1840 Bistro & egrave; a true icon loved and celebrated in all the bars and restaurants of France. An object to possess and to give with pleasure to friends and loved ones. Made with the best beech woods & egrave; completely finished by hand. The mechanism is built with the best special steels for a long life against wear and corrosion and it is guaranteed for life by Peugeot. Simple, precise, Bistro of Peugeot & egrave; a small object with a great reputation, a true point of reference for the many chefs and for you who demand the best.