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Water Glasses

They are not simple water glasses: our articles all boast a refined aesthetic that satisfies your every need of style.

Among the finest glasses of water , like those finely decorated, including goblet or, still, among all the essential design, the choice is really wide. To make your table more cheerful and original, there are also a fantastic colored glasses in shades of yellow, red, fuchsia, light blue and orange, to match how you want, and why not, even daring a lively mix and match. Check out all featured models.

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1 Item(s)
1 Item(s)
Nachtmann Muse Tumbler 23 cl Set 2 Pcs
Nachtmann Muse Tumbler 23 cl Set 2 Pcs
€19.90 €40.00 risparmi €20.10 (50%)
1 Item(s)
1 Item(s)