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Ideal for roasts, vegetables and fish, the roasting pans enhance these dishes with a light and healthy cooking.
Practical, resistant and suitable for any hob, the roasting pan cooks roasts optimally and other foods that require slow cooking. Guaranteed homogeneous heat distribution, the roasting pan with lid is provided with handles that ensure a firm and safe grip and allows cooking light and healthy without adding fat. Solid, durable and capacious, these pans are suitable for baking in the oven and are characterized by their high resistance to heat. Discover in our store the selection of roasting pans to simplify the cooking of the roasts.
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1 Item(s)
WMF Oval Covered Roasting Pan Stainless Steel
WMF Oval Covered Roasting Pan Stainless Steel
€89.90 €129.91 risparmi €40.01 (31%)
1 Item(s)
1 Item(s)