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Bormioli Rocco

Bormioli Rocco Maiolica Blue Tableware Set of 18 Pcs

Product code: 4-32511-931
Ean: 8411712765446
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The magical world of majolica comes to life on your table, dishes in ultra-resistant tempered glass, dishwasher safe, microwave-safe and simply fantastic.
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Caratteristiche Tecniche di: Bormioli Rocco Maiolica Blue Tableware Set of 18 Pcs

Table Dishes Service MAIOLICA BLUE by BORMIOLI ROCCO in Tempered Opal Glass composed by:

  • 6 Flat plates diameter; 270 mm - 10 3/4 ''.
  • 6 Bottom plates diameter; 230 mm - 9 ''.
  • 6 Dessert plates diameter; 210 mm - 8 1/4 ''.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Suitable for microwave ovens.
  • Products in Italy
  • Box of 18 dishes

- Opal Glass: è a chemical composition of Bormioli Rocco, guarantee of cleanliness, hygiene and safety. Total absence of porosity, suitable for washing in the dishwasher, suitable for use in microwave ovens, high capacity; of resistance to thermal shock, great durability.

- Tempered Glass Extreme Resistence: from over 50 Bormioli Rocco produces glass of exceptional strength and strength thanks to the use of a special tempering process: the glass is subjected to a very high thermal shock a temperature around 600 ° C and then be quickly cooled. The result is a much more product; heat and impact resistant about 2.5 times compared to normal glass, è pi ù reliable and lasts more for a long time.

- Colored Glass Color Resistent: è an exclusive technique by Bormioli Rocco that guarantees bright colors, resistance to wear and frequent washing, totally suitable for contact with food.