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Bamix Superbox 200W Red Food Processor

Product code: BX-SB-RD
Ean: 7610497605478
349 €349.00
Powerful and versatile kitchen mixer. 200W motor guaranteed for life. 4 blades for whipping, mincing, kneading and cutting. Grinder with disk to pulverize. Grater for slicing and cutting julienne. The only repairable immersion blender. Swiss technology
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Caratteristiche Tecniche di: Bamix Superbox 200W Red Food Processor

Food processor SUPERBOX RED by BAMIX complete with the following accessories:

  • BX-MULTI - Universal multi-purpose blade suitable for chopping and mixing even ice cubes and frozen products. Ideal for the preparation of soups, creams, pesto, jams, ice cream, smoothies, & nbsp; frapp & eacute; of fruit, pizza dough, cakes.
  • BX-BEATER - Steel whisk for soft, light and homogeneous dough. Suitable for whipping cream and skim milk, egg whites, mousse and for emulsifying sauces, creams and & nbsp; frapp & eacute; of fruit. Ideal for cream, cappuccino, chocolate mousse, zabaglione, tiramis & ugrave ;, beaten egg whites and bechamel.
  • BX-WHISK - Steel mixer for preparing creams and smoothies. Suitable for emulsifying condiments, creams, crepes dough, omelettes and batters. Mix the mayonnaise in a few seconds. Excellent cocktail mixer. Ideal for the preparation of mashed potatoes, cocktails, puddings, creme caramel, crepes.
  • BX-MEAT - Blade for meat and vegetables in stainless steel capable of mincing, chopping and homogenizing in a few seconds. Ideal for cooked and raw meats, cooked and raw fish, both stringy and fibrous vegetables.
  • BX-SLICESY - Container with 4 interchangeable stainless steel blades for slicing, grating, julienne cutting vegetables, fruit, cheese ....
  • BX-PROCESSOR - Grinder for mincing and grinding herbs, bread, hard-boiled eggs, cereals, sugar, nutmegs, hazelnuts, wheat, spices, chocolate, hard cheeses, vegetables and nuts. Capacity & agrave; 100 ml.
  • BX-POWDER DISK - Used in combination with the BX-PROCESSOR accessory to grind food into powder. Ideal for grinding coffee, aromatic herbs, spices and dried fruit.
  • Bench stand made of durable plastic.
  • Carafe with handle 1L
  • Motor power 200 Watt - AC motor with double insulation.
  • Length of the rod 14 cm.
  • Gift box packaging.
  • Manufactured in Switzerland.